park-bench-autumn-1600x1200-1024x356What is Counselling?


Counselling is the opportunity to chat with a trained professional who is removed from your specific personal situation. Your counsellor may help you make sense of the highs and lows, help you put healthy practices in place to increase your quality of life and encourage you and help you learn how to value yourself. It is a safe place where you will be listened to without judgement. Through an interpersonal relationship clients may journey to better understand themselves and make changes in their life.

It is my hope as a counsellor at Journeez, Adelaide, that clients would be able to experience ‘new life’, in whatever way it means for them. I journey with my clients to achieve whatever positive goals they’re aiming for by using primarily self-care concepts, as well as counselling theories and models, and simply getting alongside them in the process.AD Prof Photos Her Favs April 2013-018

I am available for personal counselling and my specialist areas are working around issues of anxiety, stress, burnout, self-worth, boundaries and life transitions. My passion area is to help people learn to value themselves in every situation. I help people implement the concept of self-care and looking after themselves by helping them see that they are valued.

I am also a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and can journey one-on-one with you in the work of Brené Brown around issues including shame, vulnerability, courage, worthiness, values, and what it takes to get back up after a fall.

To make an appointment please click here. 

Counselling Rooms

North: 76 Daphne Road, Salisbury East (By Appointment Only)
East: 82 Shipsters Road, Kensington Park (By Appointment Only)

Counselling Fees *

Counselling fee: $80
Please contact me for further details or to book an appointment.

* I understand that there are times when appointments need to be changed, however cancellation of appointment under 24 hrs notice will result in $25 fee being charged.



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