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Journeez focus is to help people learn how to look after themselves better.

Learning how to set and implement boundaries is part of Self-Care and that’s why Journeez runs a workshop on Boundaries.

The Journeez Boundaries workshop covers:

  • What is a Boundary?
  • Introduction to ‘Paddock Theory’
  • When to say yes and how to say no
  • Values
  • Weighing up pros and cons/expectations and responsibilities
  • Implementation – who do you need on the journey with you? What will you do next to put your boundaries in place?

If this sounds like something your team, workplace, ministry or community group might be interested in doing, please complete the speaking request form and we will get back to you about your specific situation.

Take Care on the Journey.

Participant Feedback:

Anna is a passionate trainer who interacts with each participant at their level. A great listener and fabulous educator.

Reminder that it’s OK to set your boundaries, in fact it’s beneficial for both parties involved.