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Thank God for my comfort wisdom list… Getting nowhere fast today and have a sick little boy… Had a bath and read while my husband watched my son…. I feel a hundred bucks and can get through the night!!!
Gloria (Gifts of Imperfection eCourse Participant)

If you want techniques that cut to the heart these ones are deceptively precise and effective if you literally do the exercises, rather than collect information or ideas.
Kim (The Daring Way™Participant)

Anna knew her topic very well and was able to show her passion through her approach to delivering the workshop.

Anna has a wonderful ability to tune into “the vibe” of the group and work with them accordingly.

The retreat gave me permission to stop and reflect on my needs and my journey without feeling rushed or distracted. It reminded me that there is value in giving to myself and to do it more regularly.

At the start of this year I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and binge eating disorder, so this whole year I’ve been trying to find out who I am and how to take care of myself etc. This workshop has been so helpful and I’ve learnt about the importance of self care and how to do it.

Anna provided a seminar that was very insightful with lots of practical advice regarding caring for yourself so that you can be more to those around you.

Really enjoyed Anna’s self care workshop and sharing ideas on self care. Most importantly the reminder that we are all worth it!

Thank you Anna, for sharing little bits of your journey. I felt encouraged and I really appreciated Kylie’s testimony and music and that other people were able to share too.

Anna’s workshop on Self Care was right to the point! It reminded me of how much I needed to take care of ‘me’ in order to be able to do my work with the energy and enthusiasm I want to give it! If I do not take care of ‘me’ then I will not be able to do my job properly. Anna’s ability to show us ways to do this was informative, leaving us with choices and lots to think about. She invited us to participate in the workshop, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

I was engaged through the session and feel like I learnt a lot about myself.

An easily digested presentation which has left me with a number of techniques and approaches for self care and looking out for others.



I had been receiving counselling from Anna for at least a year approximately. I would highly recommend these services to anyone. Anna really assisted me in learning coping skills and working through some of the main issues that had been preventing me from moving forward in my life. We worked through these issues in many different and creative ways, ranging from the environment like meeting in cafe’s and getting into some art work. Anna really encouraged me and supported me through a very tough season of my life as I had just finished the ‘Teen Challenge Rehab Program’. My life has been transformed and Anna really helped me in this time.
Amber, 23

I am passionate about counselling and the benefits it can bring to people’s lives. I believe everyone at some point in their lives can benefit from counselling, whether it be a one off session or ongoing. I believe there is great value in talking with a trusted third party that is removed from delicate situations, to have them listen with no subjective agenda. I have found counselling to be incredibly beneficial in my life.
Lauren, 30

Anna is an awesome counsellor and warm human being. Her passion of helping people genuinely reflects in her work.


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