My name is Anna Doecke. I am the Founder and Owner of Journeez in Adelaide, SA. I am a qualified counsellor, mentor and trainer. My qualifications include:
– Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling)
– Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator
– Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
– Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.
I am also a member of Christian Counsellors Association of Australia.

Not only am I a qualified counsellor, I am passionate about listening to and educating people and helping them to discover more about themselves personally. I have many years of experience working with people in areas including Workshop Facilitation, Counselling, Chaplaincy, Christian Ministry, Administration in Schools, Financial Services and Retail.

“Self-Care is a lifelong journey. It may never be mastered so it needs to be practised.”

Tell me a bit about yourself:

I grew up on a sheep, pig and cropping farm. At the age of 15 I moved to the city with my parents. This experience was challenging but also eye opening to see what else was outside my small country town. It was in my first year out of high school that I knew I wanted to study counselling. However, before becoming a counsellor it was important to me that I gain some life experience.

I worked in Christian Ministry for 7 years before beginning my degree in Counselling. During those years I gained valuable experience through a wide range of people and communities. This experience allowed me to see new parts of Australia and journey with some incredible people.

Why Counselling?

During my years in ministry I always felt most ‘at home’ when working with individuals and small groups, so it seemed like the right time to start my counselling study. It was during my study that I decided to seek counselling for my own personal growth. This has been one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of my life. You can not have counselling without experiencing some emotional pain! That pain is part of the journey to healing. I believe that to be the best counsellor I can be, I have to always be learning and growing personally – counselling is part of that for me. I want to walk the talk!

What’s your personal story with counselling and Brene Brown?

On my counselling journey I discovered that I was experiencing burn out. In my early twenties I was almost constantly on the go, and most times I was helping some one else. I learned through counselling that it is OK and important for me to look after myself and say ‘no’ to some requests in my life. This was one hard lesson I had to learn, and continue to learn in my life.

During my own journey and studying counselling I came across Brené Brown and her Power of Vulnerability TED Talk, and my understanding of counselling and working with people shifted. I always struggled to work from a mainstream perspective, but Brené’s work on shame, vulnerability, courage, authenticity and worthiness stopped me in my tracks and seemed to fit so well. It formed a lot of my own personal journey as I worked to de-bunk the messages I had learned along the way in life that were not serving me well. 

Why do you have your own business?

Because doing this work is what I’m most passionate about and interested in. I want to have the freedom to work with people in the way I think is most authentic and real. Helping people to better understand themselves and learn how to bounce back and look after themselves is vital to the work we do at Journeez.

What else makes up your life?

I live in Adelaide and enjoy watching movies, spending time with family and friends, eating out – especially at dessert cafes, playing guitar, cooking and baking. I enjoy travelling and taking road trips and have explored parts of Italy, Uganda, Vietnam and Australia. I enjoy spending as much time as possible taking in the picturesque nature of the beach, lakes, rivers and streams; it is in these places where I feel most at peace and restful.

Welcome to the journey of life.

If you are connecting to something you’ve read, book an appointment today and continue your journey!

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