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Sharing skills and knowledge…

Workshops and education are part of the Journeez philosophy.

Journeez believes that increasing awareness about Mental Health, and in turn learning to look after ourselves, is vital to improving the state of mental health issues in our society. Statistics* show that 20% of the Australian population have a common mental illness; that’s 1 in 5 of us and probably more of us who are having minor mental health issues.

IMG_3523Journeez contributes to increasing awareness around issues of Mental Health, by talking about Self-Care and helping people gain a better understanding of what it means to look after yourself. Journeez believes good self-care is vital to living your life to the fullest; to giving your best to your family, friends and workplace, to learning how to balance your time and most importantly to learning to value yourself in all situations. Journeez aims to contribute to this through workshops, short courses and public speaking.

Anna has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and various experience in public speaking.

Workshop Topics include:
* Self-Care (Looking after yourself)
* Boundaries
* Burnout
* Values
* Various topics from The Daring Way™ (Brené Brown)

Anna is a passionate trainer who interacts with each participant at their level. A great listener and fabulous educator.
Michelle – Counsellor & Educator

Invite Anna to work with your business, community group, church or school to workshop with your leaders, staff and the general public. If you have a topic in mind, please contact us so we can respond to your specific situation and request. We are here to listen.

Fees are quoted on an individual basis. Please complete the speaking form so we can understand your situation and requirements and we will in turn contact you.

* Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing; Summary of Results. (Document 4326.0). Canberra; ABS; 2008.

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