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Courageous Vulnerability

Vulnerability and courage have been buzz words for a while now, but have you ever thought deeply about what they really mean?

Do you feel like vulnerability is weakness and so you steer clear or do you love it and do it often? 

Do you want to be able to share what’s going on in your life?

Do you wish you could be more honest with those you love about how you’re really going?

In this workshop we will explore the work and research of Brené Brown, including:

  • What is vulnerability?
  • How is courage connected to vulnerability
  • Two paradoxes of vulnerability
  • Myths of vulnerability

If you want to set some time aside for you, your team or group to begin exploring more about what vulnerability is and how it’s actually courage and not weakness, then this is the workshop for you.

If this sounds like something your team, workplace, ministry or community group might be interested in doing, please complete the speaking request form and we will get back to you about your specific situation.

Take Care on the Journey.