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mentoringWhat is Coaching?


Coaching is about achieving your goals and learning from someone who is a bit further along on the journey.

The learning happens in a relaxed atmosphere where you can ask questions as well as see the coach being a living example of what you might be looking to develop or grow in your life.

The coach shares knowledge, skills and experience that will encourage and guide you to achieve the goals you set out. The aim of coaching is for you to make clear short and long term goals, and be uplifted and encouraged to achieve your goals. Coaching is also about inspiring you to give things a go and the coach can help you process the outcomes and lend a hand along the way.

At Journeez, modelling wholehearted living and self care is important. That’s why coaching/mentoring is available. You can meet with a coach to discuss your challenges and where you want to get to. The coach will encourage you and give you knowledge about how to set boundaries, how to implement self care and how to be authentic and courageous in your every day life as well as work towards achieving your goals.

If that sounds like something you would find helpful please contact us today to make an appointment.

Coaching Fees

$110 – (up to 1 1/2 hour session)