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Brené Brown Topics

Brené Brown Topics?

Dr Brené Brown is a researcher/storyteller who studies shame, worthiness, vulnerability, authenticity and empathy (among other topics).

Anna is available to facilitate workshops/presentations/discussions in Brené’s topics.


Options include:

  • Topic Taster which is a 1 hour presentation/discussion time around a Brené Brown topic such as values, vulnerability, authenticity, trust, empathy, self-compassion, the arena, shame etc

These sessions can be facilitated at a cafe, in your lunch room, workplace, or wherever your people are.

  • Longer Sessions and workshops in any of these topics and other Brené Brown topics can also be facilitated and customised for your scenario.

Contact us to share your ideas.

Complete the speaking form to invite Anna to do a Brené Brown topic taster for your community or organisation.

Find out more information about Brené and her work.