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Journeez is a counselling and personal development business (with a focus on self-care and authenticity) situated in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Journeez exists to facilitate individual and group personal development. Journeys are part of life. There are highs and lows. As a business we want to live what we believe.

“Self-Care is a lifelong journey. It may never be mastered and so it needs to be practised.”
Anna Doecke – 

Our Vision 

To transform stress and burnout into wholehearted living.

Our Mission and What We’re on About

Journeez’ mission is to support, encourage and educate those who feel stressed and burnt out, to get to know themselves and value who they are so they can share that person with the world. As they learn how to look after themselves the aim is to prevent burnout and mental illness. This happens through individual counselling and personal development groups and workshops and speaking at events.

Journeez, is here to help you on your self-care journey. It may be brand new for you or you may already be on the journey – either way we’re here to walk with you. Using Self-Care concepts and the research of Brené Brown we help transform stress and burn out into wholehearted living.

Our Values

Caring/Self-Care: to be caring toward ourselves and others
Authenticity: to be authentic, genuine and real; to be true to ourself
Honesty: to be honest, truthful and sincere with ourselves and others
Integrity: to be consistent with what we say and what we do and living in line with our values
Courage: To share the story of who we are with our whole heart.

“They shall thrive like watered grass, like willows on a riverbank.” – Is 44:4

Find out more about Self Care by watching this interview on Creativity and Self-Care!

With over 15 years’ experience working with people, Anna suffered compassion fatigue/burnout. At this point Anna discovered that there’s more to life than constantly going and giving into the pressures of life, feeling like she had no power or control over her own life. Through her own personal counselling journey and the work of Dr Brené Brown, Anna discovered who she truly is and gained the confidence to share that person with the world. Anna now has a Counselling and Personal Development business helping individuals and groups to be more authentic and courageous in their life. Using Self-Care concepts and the research of Brené Brown, Journeez is choosing courage, vulnerability and living life to the fullest and transforming stress and burnout into wholehearted living. Read more about Journeez Founder.

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Thank you for visiting Journeez, we look forward to being a part of your journey.